Weekly Roundup 2019 CW 01

I hope everyone had a happy New Year celebration. 

I decided to test writing my short weekly roundups in English. This mainly because I want to keep my English knowledge alive. Of course, you could still contact me both in Swedish and English, preferably via Twitter on username @Steenberger.

I also gave notice on Twitter that my daily updates on the portfolio would end and the portfolio is from now only communicated on weekends.

The first week of 2019 started with a 1.26 % gain. SIXRX began at 1.80 %. After the first week, the portfolio is 0.54 percentage points behind SIXRX, and Alpha compared to SIXRX is starting @ 0.40 %. (Alpha =  r – Rf  – beta * (Rm – Rf )) 

US Markets had a volatile week ending positive after Fed’s outlook on rate hikes, SPX raised 3.43 % on Fridays Bull Run. US10Y were slightly down on the week @ 2.668 %, and US02Y ended @ 2.505 %. Gold (US$ / OZ) finished the week marginally higher @ 1284.74. 

My portfolio starts the year with 26.07 % Cash Position and 12.74 % in Gold. I also have 4.10 % in Silver and 2.14 % in Palladium.  The portfolio has 48.13 % allocated to SEK and 32.01 are allocated to USD. At the moment I have no FANG-stocks in the portfolio.

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